Assignments in the course are graded using the following rubric:

A Reserved for excellence. The assignment, paper, exam, class participation, etc., demonstrates all the qualities of a B and demonstrates originality or complexity in thinking.
B Assignments, exams, and papers fulfill all the requirements of the assignment and demonstrate strong competency in the course material. Essay exams and papers also demonstrate critical, analytical thinking about the material in the course, and provide a clear argument and thesis (where required) with documentation. (Essays and papers are neither simple summaries of the readings/films/etc. nor personal reflection ungrounded in the course material.)
Typed assignments are well proof-read, with clear prose and accurate grammar.
Participation and Reading Responses demonstrate preparation and critical thinking about the material. For class participation, students provide quality questions and comments AND listen and respond where appropriate to the professor and fellow students.
C Assignments, exams, papers, participation, and reading responses demonstrate preparation and competency in the course material but are deficient in one of the key elements of B quality assignments, etc.
D Shows little competency in the subject or is missing more than one key element of B quality assignments, etc.
F Demonstrates little to no competency in the subject matter and/or is missing several elements of B quality assignments, etc.